Anonymous: "imagine you're sick and feeling really shitty and you're like curled in a foetal position on your bed with your laptop and Michael knocks on the door and has like a tray with soup and orange juice and a red rose on it and he kisses you on the head and calls you beautiful and strokes your hair and you wish you felt better because he's going on tour again soon and you wanna have fun together and you feel so bad but he tells you he loves you however you come and he's happy to be here for you"
Anonymous: "imagine cuddling with luke on the couch, you two watching some movie with your head laying on his lap and his hand resting on the dip of your waist and the other on the top of the couch, "hey babe?" he would notice you were asleep and gently remove himself from underneath you, leaning down to pick you up and carrie you up the stairs to your bed, he'd lay you down and you would stir in your sleep "luke?" he'd pull the covers up and kiss your forehead "shh baby go back to sleep" ...."


I just started straight up WHEEZING

Anonymous: "luke wld be that boyfriend tht would like do really cute stuff for you like you come home and he tried to bake cookies and they're all black and he's like they're still a little soft in the middle and when you're away he'd send u long messages of what he did that day and how much he misses u with a bunch of spelling mistakes and buy matching slippers and when its movie night he'd find the biggest softest blanket and you'd snuggle underneath"




can you imagine just casually sitting on the bed across from calum eating strawberries the day he gets back from tour and he crawls over to you with his hands on the sides of you as he nips at your bottom lip for the sweet fruit. then smothering his wet lips any space he can, he makes his way down your jaw and the curve of your shoulder. breathless, you shut your eyes and tilt your head back, allowing him access. your bodies meld together and you can feel his touch everywhere. “I’ve been waiting for you all day,” he mumbles traveling back up to your lips, hands drifting across your hips. You whimper in reply, incapable of any of form of communication. Gently, he lifts you from your place so his body is aligned with yours, carefully guiding your shoulders back into the mattress, pulling his lips away to look at you- to take in the beauty he’s missed out on all these months. Your eyes make contact and you can’t help but notice his proud smirk as he climbs on top of you and presses his hips into yours BYE


-ashtonshugedick (not its not yes it is omg)

I’m literally screaming right now Joelle. oh my god. I can’t breathe. I need this.

michaelcliffoord: "what about Luke taking you home to Australia for the first time and taking you on a walk around his home town and pointing out different landmarks that are important to him like "oh, there's where I met calum the first time" "we had our first band practice here" "this is where I went to primary school" and then finally he gets to "this was where my first kiss was" and then he follows it up with "and this is where I'm going to tell you that I love you for the first time. I'm so in love with you.""


fuckin SH ITT

Anonymous: "or oR OR when you two are in bed together and youre still asleep and hes awake and he doesnt wanna wake you but he wants you to pay attention to him so he settles by stroking and playing with your hair and then he starts running his fingers along your shoulders and down your arms before he just reaches over with his big lanky arms and squeezes you until you wake and when you finally groan he smirks and nuzzles into you and mumbles ' im so happy youre up' and cuddles you real close and kisses you"


im going to run into an intersection

Anonymous: "calum brings you out to the local makeout spot, the one up the road overlooking the whole city, and you sit on the hood of the car watching stars and shit until you get too cold and he drags you to the backseat and runs his hand down your figure settling on a place to put the first lovebite (it ends up being your hip, but no one has to know)"


liStEn Nn nN nN

Anonymous: "what if you luke called you in the evening & was like i'm outside your house lets go on an adventure & so you went it was fall and chilly he was your best friend & you walked to a park and it was really dark and U turn around & he''s gone & you get scared & he purposely jmps out at you but then he realizes hw scrd you are & he pulls you into his sweatshirt & whispers hey im sry i'll always protect you before backing u up into a tree and slwy making out with u in the dark DAQMMIT IWANT HIM):"



Anonymous: "one day luke has to leave to catch his plane at 5am and he doesn't want to wake you up so he slips out of bed quietly and kisses your forehead and tucks your hair behind your ear before folding his favorite hoodie and slipping it between your hands so even though he's gone you'll still wake up holding him"


jfc I’m so sad

Anonymous: "and you try to skype luke later but michael answers the call and you can see luke curled up with his head on michael's lap and michael has dark circles under his eyes so you ask if he's okay and he tells you how luke hasn't been sleeping because he misses you so he's been crawling into michael's bunk for a cuddle every night and it wakes michael up but he can't just kick luke out when he needs someone there"